What Type Of Metal Should You Choose For Your Engagement Ring?

What Type Of Metal Should You Choose For Your Engagement Ring?

Wedding season is almost here and perhaps an engagement or wedding is right around the corner for you, too. We hope you’ve been following our blog and have read our posts on Engagement Ring 101 and all you need to know before you shop for Engagement rings over the past few months. We want to continue your ring buying education so we’re going to help you choose the right metal for your engagement ring and wedding band. Here are the top questions we receive about metals:


What Metals Do I Have To Choose From?

Much like gemstones, there are MANY different types of metal to choose from for your rings. These are the top choices today:



There are many varieties and interesting facts about gold as you may have read in a previous blog post.

Yellow gold is the traditional choice for engagement and wedding rings but white gold is a close second as it goes extremely well with diamonds. Rose gold has increased in popularity over the last few years because it’s a unique yet romantic look. The durability of the gold depends on the karat you choose.



Silver is a popular choice as it is typically less expensive than any of the gold choices but still looks as nice. However, it can tarnish more easily and possibly scratch. Eventually, it may not look quite as spectacular as it once did.



This is the Grand Daddy of metals. Platinum is a bit more expensive than the rest but will last you a lifetime with no fading or scratching due to its hardness.



Palladium is a great choice if you’re looking for the look, feel and durability of platinum but don’t quite have the budget.



This is a great durable metal that is a bit darker than silver or white gold. A lot of jewellers feel titanium is an ideal jewellery-making metal because it is strong yet lightweight.



Stainless steel isn’t quite as durable as most other metals but does have the same strength and lightweight factors as titanium. Another plus is that it’s generally the most inexpensive metal choice for those on a budget.


Which Should I Choose?

There is no such thing as the best metal for engagement and wedding rings. What you choose depends on your personal taste, skin tone, practicality and budget.

Take into consideration the colour of the rest of your jewellery. That may lead you towards a preference in colour or metal you may have for your bands.

Pale skin usually looks best with white gold or silver metals, while darker skin tones look spectacular in traditional metals like yellow gold.


Can I Mix The Metals?

Of course, you can mix metals! There are no rules, it’s all about what YOU want to wear. However, you may want to think about what happens when you wear a durable metal alongside a metal of lesser durability. Wear can usually occur on the less durable metal. For example, platinum could scratch up a gold band if it constantly rubs against it.

Consider mixing colours instead of metals if you want a different look. A rose gold engagement band with a white gold wedding band can look very chic.


Can Impeccable Jewellery Help Me?

At Impeccable Jewellery, we love helping people choose jewellery, especially engagement and wedding rings. We carry a wide variety of metals and gemstones and as well as custom design and engraving services. Please contact us or stop by our fabulous jewellery store in downtown Duncan today.

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