Celebrate Gold Month With Our Favourite Tips And Trends

Celebrate Gold Month With Our Favourite Tips And Trends

May is Gold Month! If you’re like us and love to learn all about gold, you’ll love reading these interesting tips and trends.


All Your Karat And Questions About Gold Are Answered

Have you read our previous blog post Clearing Up the Facts on Gold? Learn about the colours and karat (not carat!) ratings and the absolutely fascinating history of how gold was actually discovered.


You Are Being Green By Choosing Gold

All gold is, and always has been, recycled. Pure gold absolutely cannot be destroyed in any way — it will not burn, corrode or tarnish. Gold is often collected from estates and cash-in events then melted down to make new pieces over and over again. Just think, some of the gold in your next piece could possibly be thousands of years old. Maybe even once worn by royalty!


Gold Is The Most Coveted Of Materials

Gold is used in many countries and cultures for many ceremonial procedures. As we mentioned above, gold is indestructible thus making it desirable for both sellers and buyers of jewellery. It’s essentially trouble-free. Jewellery and other items made from gold will last a long time.

Gold is extremely malleable and therefore loved by jewellers who create their own designs and custom-made pieces.


Caring For Gold Jewellery Is Easy

Although gold is super tough, it still needs periodic maintenance. Jewellery comes in contact with the oils on your skin, as well as any perfumes and hairsprays that you spray on so all your pieces can collect some residue and start to dull after some time.

It’s not usually necessary to buy special cleaning product. All that gold cleaning requires is a soft-bristled toothbrush along with a mix of gentle soap and water. Use a soft clean cloth to dry your pieces after washing. If you do decide to purchase a special gold cleaner, check with your jeweller for their recommendation for your type of gold. Better safe than sorry as some of them can be damaging.


Trends For Gold In 2018

Earrings are back and the bigger the better, so go LARGE with giant gold hoops. Gold is always a traditional choice for engagement bands. For a fabulous diamond ring, why not customize it with a special design or engraving?

Statement pieces such as a necklace with a gold pendant, or a stack of bracelets or rings in mixed gold materials and colours are both on-trend and very classy.

Gold will never go out of style so it will always be a great investment. Remember you can always melt it down and have something else custom-made in the future as well.


Let Us Help You Pick Out Some Gold!

At Impeccable Jewellery in downtown Duncan, we’re experts in gold along with all jewellery materials and gems for women and men. Let us help you find your next piece. Stop by our store at 211 Craig street or contact us online or by phone today! Share your favourite gold pieces on your Instagram account using #MayIsGoldMonth and don’t forget to tag us at @impeccablejewellery.

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