Engagement Ring 101

Engagement Ring 101

It’s not a guessing game for him any longer – these days most couples on the verge of getting engaged shop for rings together. The proposal itself can still be a surprise – we’ll leave that up to you – but ring shopping is something we can help you with!

When choosing an engagement ring, you still need to have some idea of what to ask for when you go into a jewellery store. You’ll be given a LOT of choice, and while we recommend trying on a few different styles, have a few in mind before you head out shopping. Anything goes these days but let’s go over a few different engagement ring styles.


Solitaires set in platinum or white gold are what generally comes to mind for a traditional look.

The “prong setting”, where the diamond sits on top of the band using prongs, or claws, is probably the most classic style, with the solitaire setting being the most popular diamond style. Occasionally, you might see three stones, commonly known as the “three prong” style. The “cathedral setting” is basically a fancier version of the prong setting.

New Trends

A classic style is a great way to go, and a lot of women really appreciate this. However, a few new trends have emerged in the past decade or so which you may want to check out.

Coloured Stones

It seems Kate Middleton’s stunning blue sapphire ring spawned a whole new movement of coloured engagement rings. Coloured gemstones have become more popular in the past few years and a great way to customize your ring. Some women go with their favourite colour, like pale pink or cobalt blue, while others choose their birthstones for extra significant meaning.

Unique Bands

We are also seeing a lot of “open” style rings now, a definite jump from the classic look. Often these open style bands come with two stones so you could go classic on one side and trendy for the other.

Another band we’re seeing a lot these days is the “Eternity Band” where smaller stones line the band completely. Women are gravitating towards this style because it can look a bit subtler and is less likely to snag on clothing.

Chevron bands are also very popular these days. They’re a super fun style and you can customize them SO much. Utilize different stones, or colours of bands, to really zing up this fabulous style.

Unique Stone Shapes

No longer is it just the princess cut or oval diamond. Diamonds (or any other stone you want) are showing up as triangles, ovals, and even romantic hearts. There isn’t much you can’t find these days.

Phew, we hope we haven’t overwhelmed you! But it’s exciting to think of all your options, isn’t it?! Do some research on what you’d like but don’t be afraid to try on a few different styles to see what suits you best. You may be surprised!

An engagement ring is something you’ll cherish forever, so make it special and unique to you. Come visit us at Impeccable Jewellery and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect ring. And don’t forget, we offer customizable services as well.


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