All You Need To Know Before You Shop For Engagement Rings

All You Need To Know Before You Shop For Engagement Rings

We hope you enjoyed our Engagement Rings 101 post last month and were able to catch our last one on diamonds and our tips and tricks on how to pick them out.

As you can tell, here at Impeccable Jewellery in Duncan, we’re devoted to helping you understand all aspects of jewellery. We believe jewellery is such an important gift to give and receive, and we want to make sure you pick out the most appropriate gift for the special person in your life.

We’re hoping we’ve cleared up most of your ring and diamond questions by now, but you may still be feeling stuck wondering how to take the plunge and purchase an engagement ring. Here are the last few things you need to know to make your ring shopping successful:


Are you hesitating because you think you need to save up two months salary for an engagement ring? Well, stop because that’s not true. This was an old-school way of thinking that came about from a 1940’s DeBeers Marketing campaign. The important thing is getting a ring she’ll love that won’t break your bank.

Know what range your budget is before you head out shopping. That’ll help you narrow down your search a bit more.

Know Her Ring Size

Maybe you already have the perfect ring in mind or you’ve picked up on her hints and know which one she wants. Now you need to know which size to buy it in. It’s not that difficult and doesn’t cost much to get it resized, in fact, many stores will resize it free of charge. However, she’ll want to wear it and show it off right away so try your very best to get the size right the first time.

If you’ve picked out the ring together then simply ask her what her size is. But if you’re going for a surprise, asking may not be an option. You have a couple ways of finding out: ask a close friend of hers if they know her true ring size, or select a ring that she wears (not regularly) and take it to your jewellery store for sizing.

Choose The Band

In “Engagement Rings 101”, we went over various styles, so hopefully, you’ve assessed her wants and needs and decided on the style she’d like. This should include what kind of metal to use for the band. Look at the jewellery she already wears, chances are it’s silver or gold. If she likes gold, pick yellow gold, and if she likes silver, you can go for platinum or white gold.

Other Options

We’re going to throw another wrench into your plans… who says her ring has to be a diamond? It’s a symbol of your love for one another so you may both have something else in mind. It’s all up to you, don’t forget! A pearl, or even a slim band with etchings or a special symbol, would make a wonderful, meaningful engagement ring.

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