Fall 2017 Trends

Fall 2017 Trends

Wearing jewellery is a fun, easy way to be on trend at any time. Confused as to what exactly the trends in jewellery are this fall? Don’t worry – we’ll fill you in!


Earrings are easily the number one trend in jewellery this fall!

Pretty much anything on the ears is in this season – ear cuffs, HUGE chandelier and bold statement earrings – and sometimes even a single earring is worn. It is 2017, which means there are no real rules. Of course, if you’re feeling bold – just go for it. However, a more traditional trend this season (but still completely trendy) is gold hoop earrings. From small hoops, to giant show-stopping ones, gold hoops are THE piece of jewellery to get this season.


We saw this trend from the 90’s come back a few seasons ago – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, this trend is getting even bigger – and in our opinion, even better. If you weren’t a fan of the thick fabric style chokers of yesteryear, you’ll likely be a fan of the ones being worn by just about everyone? Why’s that? Because it literally goes with everything. Thick, thin, metals, fabrics, shells, ropes – there’s a perfect choker to match your outfit for every occasion.


It’s not just chokers we’re seeing grace everyone’s necks this fall; necklaces are on trend no matter which type you choose. Long rope style, corded types, pearls (even costume style, faux pearls). You’ll be fine with just about anything around your neck this season.


Much like earrings, statement rings are back – and again, the bigger, the better.  If you have some smaller rings you love already, stack ‘em up! And, wait for it, signet rings are back too.

If you’re feeling bold, and love jewellery on your hands, invest in a hand chain – a chain that wraps around the bottom of your hand (somewhat like a bracelet) and connects to your ring or rings. The simple chain can have quite the effect – beautiful, trendy, and VERY eye catching!


So now you know what the ‘in’ pieces are this season… but you may still be wondering where exactly to start with all these statement pieces and must haves.

This season, look for interesting materials –  ropes, shells, mesh, tassels, whatever is interesting and unique. Your traditional, more basic pieces, like your diamond rings and delicate pendants, will always have a place in your jewellery wardrobe of course, but for now you can mix and match them with bold pieces (another very trend style). Or you can just put them away for a few seasons and immerse yourself in bold pieces.

If you haven’t already, you will notice a lot of jewellery with keys and snakes this fall. Anything with a key (big or small) works fantastically as a statement piece, same goes for anything with snakes. Wear a large old key around your neck on a long chain, and get a snake ring or ear cuff. Pair these pieces with anything from simple jeans and a tee, to your work wear and you’re an instant badass.


Although there are some fabulous FUN trends you can pull into your jewellery rotation this fall, always remember that with jewellery there are no real rules. Wear what makes you feel good!

Visit us at Impeccable Jewellery to find a few new pieces to perfectly suit your needs this season.  Have an idea of what that is, but don’t see it? Just let us know and we can help you design, and custom make, something wonderfully unique and exactly what you are looking for.

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