Get Creative With Layering Your Jewellery

Get Creative With Layering Your Jewellery

Layering your jewellery is so on trend this season, but it’s also an awesome way to mix up your style and create more looks – using what you already have!

If you’ve never layered your jewellery before, or if you’ve only tiptoed into the trend but would like to amp it up, these tips will take your layering to the next level.


The Beginner

Start with a few basic pieces you already have and simply put them together. Two or three thin chains of different lengths will look stunning hanging around your neck. Layer them from shortest to longest so they don’t tangle or compete with each other.

The same theory goes for your arms and hands. Try this trick with a handful of stacked bracelets to create your own arm party or three different thin rings stacked on the same finger to create a whole new bold ring look.


The Intermediate

Now that you’re comfortable stacking on a few pieces, you’re ready to graduate to the next level. Mix your metals and throw in some chunky pieces along with your thinner pieces.

Your arm party can include a watch along with a few different sized bracelets in different materials. You can include pendants in your necklace stacking. Simply wear different lengths or move the pendants a few centimetres in each direction so they both stand out. Yes, there’s a chance they could get tangled but as long as they don’t get too involved with each other that actually amps up the layering look.

Choose a few different fingers to stack your rings on, maybe one finger on each hand. Include a few larger chunkier rings to mix in with your thinner styles. Knuckle rings have become popular – these are worn higher up the finger and adds a bit of fun to your jewellery game.


The Advanced

Now’s your chance to go all out with your jewellery layering! There are NO rules so just go for it. Those chunky necklaces you have — pair them with each other. Or wear a choker necklace along with a few chunky varieties.

Stack some bracelets on both wrists — stack ‘em big and stack ‘em high! Different sizes, thicknesses and shapes only make them look more stylish.

Next, get out all your rings and pile them on. Wear a ring on each finger and thumb, stacking a few and wearing them at different points on the fingers. You may not want to compete with your stunning engagement ring or wedding band but, trust us, people will still notice it.


Wear It With Confidence!

We said above that there are no rules when it comes to stacking jewellery but that’s a small lie. There is ONE: wear it with confidence! If you’re going to feel self-conscious wearing a stack of layered jewellery then back down a step to your comfort level.

But know that strutting around absolutely OWNING your look will make people want to copy YOUR layered jewellery style.


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