Prestige Rewards Club

“Prestige Rewards Club”

The Prestige Rewards Club card provides special value incentives for the holder throughout the year:

  • 25% on all Kibela Silver products (in store only) Year Round.
  • 30% on Kibela Silver products, one time purchases over $1000.
  • Free Lifetime Cleaning on all jewellery sold through Impeccable Jewellery
  • Free Certified Appraisal on all diamond ring purchases (Diamonds over .50ct.).
  • The Prestige Rewards card is free and is available in store.
  • The Prestige Rewards card is renewable each calendar year and is non transferable.

*(batteries, service, repairs, custom work and sale items excluded)

Stop by the store today to get your Prestige Rewards! Program only available on in Store purchase.