Sparkle Up Your New Year’s Eve!

Sparkle Up Your New Year’s Eve!

Want to make a huge splash this New Year’s Eve? Of course, you do! It’s the best night of the year to do it all up. Make your first statement of 2018 with these awesome trends.

It IS New Year’s Eve, after all. It could be the beginning of a new resolution for a “new YOU!” so let’s glam it up a little — no a LOT!

Fancy dresses and ball gowns can cost a ton of money and sadly, people feel it’s just not the “thing to do” to wear the same dress to multiple events, no matter how fabulous it is. And with Instagram and Facebook, there will definitely be photographic evidence.

The solution? Wear your basic LBD (little black dress) or even jeans and a t-shirt and make your statement with fabulous jewellery and accessories. People expect to see the same trademark jewellery again and again. So doesn’t it make more sense to invest in jewellery over dresses?

Pick out any outfit you want and use one, or all, of these tips to create your own sparkle.

Show Off Your Holiday Gifts

Of course, there’s the possibility you have a new bauble from your love (an engagement ring, perhaps?!) to show off on New Year’s Eve. Be sure to make that a feature as everyone will want to see it. Shouldn’t be hard as we’re sure you’re VERY excited to show it off!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Don’t wear a belt, wear a sparkly chain around your waist and add sparkle to a basic dress or outfit. Even a small sparkly brooch goes a long way to drawing attraction.

And of course, you should use your purse. Use a basic clutch and attach a band of pearls or a few diamonds or jewels as a wristband.

Add Earrings

Show-stopping earrings are the trend this season. Go big, go bright and go long! Dangly diamonds will get everyone talking about you all year long! You can wear them with ANY outfit, over and over again to make them your trademark piece.


Everyone knows that a fabulous pair of shoes makes the outfit! However, shoes are expensive. Instead, invest in a more basic pair you can wear over and over and add a bit of dazzle! Clip a brooch on or temporarily stick some gems to the heels to create some sparkle as you walk into a room.


There’s no need to pay a huge amount to get it done for the night. You don’t even need to spend hours getting it perfect. Tie it up in a simple chignon, flatten it, or gently curl it then add a STUNNING jewelled headband or clip. Or maybe even a crown to be a queen for the night!

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Have Fun!

While we’re partial to jewellery, a large authentic smile is the best accessory. Have fun, be safe, and we wish you a happy 2018!

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