Spring 2018 Fashion and Jewellery Trends

Spring 2018 Fashion and Jewellery Trends

It always seems that Christmas is barely over, it’s still cold and frosty outside yet you can’t escape the spring trends already popping up everywhere! That may not be a bad thing either. Sometimes the excitement of knowing spring is around the corner is enough to get us through the rest of the icky winter weather.

It can be a bit confusing seeing all the different styles around that change every season. Fret not! We’ve rounded up the top fashion and jewellery trends we saw over and over again on the runways which are sure to be huge this season.

Sheer & Plastic

In other words, see-through is key! Layering sheer pieces over other pieces, like a sheer blouse over top a chic dress, will put you right on trend this spring.  And plastic coats (wait, they’re a lot cooler than they sound) is basically a plastic coat or shirt worn over top of your clothing.  Haven’t you always wanted to show off your dress without covering it with your coat? Well, now you can!

Even hats have gone plastic! But it’s not the clear rain cap your Grandmother wore. It’s a chic, brimmed style. PERFECT for showing off your awesome hairstyle while keeping your head dry. Why did this take so long to be a thing?!


Fringe was huge in 2017 but it’s not going anywhere yet. We know what you’re thinking — you get some more wear out of those great fringe pieces you’ve already invested in. Absolutely! And go ahead, buy some more, fringe is here for a while. Not to mention it’s really cool when done well.

Fringe is showing up on jewellery and accessories, too — big time! Necklaces, belts… go with fringe.

Trench Coats

Aren’t trench coats ALWAYS on trend? Pretty much and for good reason. This season is different though. We’ll still see traditional colours but in less traditional shapes. Coats will be more cape-like and flow-y and feature… you guessed it, fringe!

Pastels & Flowers

Sounds like the 80s are back, right? Yes but much better. These pastels and flowers are chic, not “mature” (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and more of a throwback to the 60s than 80s.


Bling is everywhere! Bling in jewellery AND on clothes. Bling it up this season and you’ll fit right in. Sparkle and be fabulous!

Statement Pieces

Big, bold statement jewellery goes with everything you wear! While anything goes, it’s all about the ears this season. Expect to see big earrings and trendy cuffs on everyone’s ears.

Although ears are the place for jewellery this season, we’ll also see chunky pendants and bracelets too. Don’t be afraid to wear more than one piece at a time. The keywords this season are bling and statement!


The best style for you is the one you love and feel great wearing. So, use these tips as a general guideline for what to get this season. Stop by Impeccable Jewellery in beautiful downtown Duncan and pick out a new statement piece for yourself or have one custom-made.  And hang in there, spring will be here before you know it!

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