Tips+Tricks: Pairing Pieces

Tips+Tricks: Pairing Pieces

Do you have trouble figuring out what piece of jewellery would be perfect to accessorize your outfit? Or you have literally NO idea how to start building your collection with pieces that will work together? Here are some foolproof tips and tricks to help you look totally put-together every single day!


Consider not only the jewellery you love, but the clothing you wear regularly (this doesn’t include the extra special outfit you save for special occasions).

Maybe your job dictates you must wear formal outfits every day, or your typical outfit of the day is all black – but the inner you may be quite bold. It’s simple: dress up your neutrals with your favourite bold ring or statement necklace.

On the other hand, maybe you wear a lot of different patterns and colours already in your wardrobe, so you need something that will go with everything. Or maybe you’re looking for something that will add a touch of class for a fancy event – in that case the perfect neutral piece like gold, silver, or even pearls, are likely to be your go-to grab. The stunning piece shown in this article, can be found at Impeccable Jewellery and would be the perfect accessory to any outfit. It’s unique and stylish – and sure to draw some buzz!


Now there are really no rules when it comes to wearing any piece of jewellery you truly love. But you may find some pieces are more flattering to your shape and style than others. Take a look at what you admire about yourself – if you love your long fingers and hands, wear bold bracelets and rings to draw attention to them. If you have a fantastically long neck, dress it up with some jewels.

So back to the jewellery you already love – WHAT type of jewellery do you turn to most? No one says you must wear a necklace or a watch if you don’t like wearing them. Great bracelets and rings are more than enough to create a statement! Earrings are always an excellent choice because you can wear studs, or gentle hoops for an everyday look – or bold, colourful long statement earrings if you’re looking for a bit more attention.


Match…or not!  If you wear a lot of blue, you may want to wear your blue jewellery too. But what’s wrong with wearing a complementing, or even – gasp – slightly contrasting, colour? Go for it!


What if you’ve looked through all your local jewellery stores and still nothing is jumping out at you? You don’t think anything would look quite right with your style. So why not get a custom piece made for you that you’ll be excited to wear all the time, and pair with everything!

At Impeccable Jewellery we would be happy to help you find something unique, and positively YOU!


When it comes to jewellery, don’t be scared to mix and match pieces, colours, and styles. Remember – there really are no rules!

You may think you need all classic pieces, or to buy everything bold and colourful – but why not some of both, if they both call your name?  This is about what YOU love – so buy what makes your heart sing and wear it proudly!

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