Our Top 3 Picks

Our Top 3 Picks

At Impeccable Jewellery, we’re extremely proud of each and every piece of jewellery we carry and design for YOU.

We believe in offering jewellery that’s truly unique and of the best quality. While offering traditional pieces, we follow the latest designs and trends straight from the runways. Our stones are sourced from around the world and our sophisticated, artfully crafted designs are a testimony to our many years of experience and devotion to the fine art of jewellery making.

There’s not much you can’t find in our store and when you need something ultra special, we custom make pieces, too! We’re often asked which our favourite pieces are but it’s SO hard to choose. So this season, we’ve narrowed down our bestsellers, and our favourite items and styles to sell, to just a few. Take a look at what we’re calling “Our Top 3” this season.


We offer a HUGE variety of stunning gems like these. Turquoise stones are popular season after season and are a traditional South American stone. But don’t limit your colours to turquoise, there’s a whole world of colour out there! Beautiful, colourful gems are always on trend and each of ours is one-of-a-kind. Statement pieces are in this fall but let’s get real, when are they not?!

Why not treat yourself to a fantastic, eye-catching piece of jewellery this season? Pair and brighten up all your holiday outfits with an extra pop of colour.


They may be on the runways now but we were offering unique statement pendants before they came back in style! Check out this piece, one of our MANY great necklaces. Layering is also a huge trend this season, so feel free to buy more than one!


So this may not be a “trend” exactly, but we do want to remind you that we carry a vast array of spectacular engagement rings. Nothing makes us happier than helping you choose the perfect token of love for that special someone. The holiday season is upon us and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so engagement rings could be on your mind, anyway. Before you get any further – read this post: http://www.impeccablejewellery.com/when-shopping-for-jewellery/ then start shopping for your beloved!

Jewellery is a great gift for someone you love – including yourself! Treat yourself this holiday season.

A great place to start looking for trendy pieces to wear over the holidays is on our previous blog post. But remember – don’t just follow the trends – take them and make them your own! Unique style is what makes everyone look twice and admire YOUR look.

This fall and winter especially, jewellery influencers are all about utterly distinct, bold and personalized jewellery (so luckily, we offer customized engraving services too!). Come down to our store and pick out a piece – or two! If you’re not finding the right piece that shouts out “take me home immediately”, we would love to collaborate and custom design something for you. Not only are our jewels and stones exclusive, but we’ll make each piece Just. For. You.


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