How-to Pick the Right Gift When Shopping for Jewellery

How-to Pick the Right Gift When Shopping for Jewellery

Your Mother’s birthday, your sister’s graduation, a best friend’s birthday, an ‘I’m sorry’ gift to get you out of the doghouse… or maybe it’s time to pop the question to a special someone. These are all fantastic reasons to buy jewellery or a special woman in our life (or jewelry for our awesome readers from the U.S.A)!

However, jewellery can be a very personal gift, so you want to make sure you buy something appropriate for her tastes. Not what you like, not necessarily what’s trending now, but something you know she’ll appreciate and, hopefully, treasure forever.

Here’s what to consider before you hit the jewellery store:

What is her taste?

Since the key is to buy something she will wear often (and think of you!), buy what suits her. Does she like earrings? Wear a lot of necklaces? Start there. Then narrow it down further – take a look at the style of what she chooses to wear. Maybe she wears a lot of earrings – but if she only likes studs, then a drop or chandelier style earrings are likely not going to be a great fit. Or if she wears delicate, thin necklaces or bracelets, perhaps a large statement necklace or rope-styled bracelet would overwhelm her.

As for engagement rings, bigger is not always better! Some women do love showing off their huge shiny new rocks, but many others prefer a nice, delicate piece – maybe not even a diamond ring. Again, take her tastes into consideration… but this may be a situation where you need to drop some hints to suss out what she likes, or consult her best friend.

What kind of metals does she wear?

Once you figure out what type and size of jewellery she likes, it’s important to look at what metals she typically wears as well. Most pieces come in gold (including yellow, white, black and rose), silver or platinum.  

Quite a few women have a preference so it’s probably best to steer away from yellow gold if she only owns white gold or silver. Perhaps she only chooses platinum because it’s hypoallergenic and fairly low maintenance.

Birthstone and other colours

Does she wear a lot of green jewellery? Maybe she picks it simply because green is her favourite colour – or maybe it’s because she was born in May, and Emerald is her birthstone. If it’s a colour thing you may have more options, but if she’s wearing her birthstone, then make sure you get her birthstone. They will be able to assist you in picking something out in her proper birthstone colour at your local jewellery store.


It’s not necessary to spend three month’s salary on an engagement ring anymore! You don’t have to spend a bundle on any piece of it’s not in your budget to do so. You can find a vast range of items to suit her, in almost any price point.

Don’t worry!

For most women, getting a piece of jewellery will make their day! If you head into your jewellery store armed with the knowledge above, the professionals there can lead you towards the perfect piece that will suit her, the occasion, and your budget. Happy shopping!

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