Your Ultimate Jewellery Gift Giving Guide

Your Ultimate Jewellery Gift Giving Guide

Do you think the lucky lady in your life would like to receive the gift of jewellery this season? We can answer that for you: YES, of course! Everyone wants to see some sparkle under the tree!

There are TONS of fabulous options for you to choose from, this season especially when there are so many trends out there that suit anyone. A jewellery gift for your spouse, your best friend, your grandmother, or any other lady in your life, is truly the way to go.

Think Earrings

Earrings are truly the hottest trend in jewellery right now. So if you don’t have ANY idea where to start, steer towards earrings! You can find earrings to suit anyone from a child to your grandmother. A pair of practical, traditional stud earrings NEVER go out of style and are suitable for anyone. Or the longest, boldest, sparkliest earrings you can find give an edge to a woman who likes attention.


Buying a piece of jewellery in someone’s favourite colour ensures they’ll reach for it often. After all, they likely already have pieces and clothing in that colour so it’ll match (although that’s not so important these days!).  And their favourite colour makes them feel happy. When they see/wear it, they get happy and think of you. Awwww!

Birthstones are a nice choice, too. It’s personalized enough to show you care and again, they may already have pieces in that colour.


Speaking of personalized, why not have something custom-made? There’s not much more personal than that! Here at Impeccable Jewellery, custom-making jewellery is one of our specialties. We love working with people like you to design a piece (or pieces) ideal for the lucky lady (or ladies!) in your life.

This holiday, come in with a style in mind – or don’t! We can help you every step of the way.


There are other ways to personalize jewellery. Since we already have some pretty great designs, you can find the perfect item without having it custom-made. Instead, try our engraving services. Write a special love note that only your significant other will see. Or engrave it with a special word or emoji for your best friend or sister. Anything goes!

Read our other helpful guides

If you haven’t already read some of our other blog posts on gift giving and trends, be sure to give them a read. They’re fantastic resources to go along with this post for choosing gifts. Our “Fall Trends” guide will help you choose something on-trend and our “How To Pick The Right Gift” post gives you more information on choosing. We also include advice on how to pick the ULTIMATE jewellery gift: the engagement ring!

Let us help!

Come in soon, we’re sure you can get most of your holiday shopping done here at Impeccable Jewellery. And right now, with our special Prestige club offers and Christmas super sale on for a limited time, you’ll be paying the right price too!

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