About us

Impeccable Jewellery… The Difference

Impeccable, by definition; “The highest standards of appearance, faultless, beyond compare” The bench mark that we attempt to achieve in every aspect of our Impeccable Jewellery



Brad Leith, our exclusive designer and explorer, searches the Globe for gem stones, fossils and artisans that achieve our dictum:


“Unique, Rare, Full of Character and Quality”

Our designs are a culmination of years of experience and dedication to the art of jewellery. Sharing the elation of our jewellery, both the wearing and the story behind the creation, is Our Inspiration!


Our factory, located in Bali is the home for the Kibela line of hand made, magnificent silver and gold jewellery. Our second and third generation silversmiths construct sheer beauty from precious metals and embed gemstones from the four corners of the earth to form magnificent “Impeccable” jewellery.


Stones found in India, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa all complement our Jewellery. The Journey from Mega City to Bush Huts via Train, Elephant, River Raft or on foot all contributes to the Mystery… the Experience… the Story! While trekking through Asia, we have found the finest organic textiles from local Artisans. These craftsmen, after generations of dedication to simple perfection, create the hand woven Silk Scarves and Pashmina’s we have available in limited quantity.


Constantly searching for product that fit our criteria, we continue to travel the world. Our intention is to share this beauty with our many new and existing clients. Customer feedback is critical to us. We endeavor to find beauty where it was created and bring it home to you. Follow our journeys on this web site; also attend our special events throughout the year where we present video and visual presentation of our Trek to provide the very best, affordable and stunningly beautiful jewellery and accessories.