At Impeccable Jewellery we pride ourselves on being unique and artistically different. Most high quality jewellery is either cabochon or facet cut.

Our New RAW line takes gemstones in natural form and achieves a new spirit of jewellery embodied with the Celestial and Esoteric difference only this raw product can produce.

Each gemstone has a “personality” and we have found over our 20 years of experience in the gemstone environment that to design making the gemstone the “star” and not the designer is our secret to enduring satisfaction.

Raw Rubies, Emeralds, Kyanite, Tourmaline, Diamond, Moldavite, Astrophilite and many more rare and unusual gemstones form part of our New Collection. Silver platform with 18K Gold and Black Rhodium finishes enhance and highlight this beautiful jewellery.