Jewellery Restoration & Repair

Ring Sizing – White and yellow gold, platinum and silver rings may be made to fit any finger size. We also size eternity bands in all metals.

Reshank – Rings worn over long periods of time become thin and fragile at the piece of metal which sits at the inside of the hand, your ring shank. A reshank removes this thin piece and is replaced with new metal making your ring last longer and become as comfortable as it once was.

Rhodium Plating – Gold is naturally yellow and over time a warm, yellow tint can develop in white gold jewellery. Rhodium plating restores the whiteness back into the gold piece producing a like-new appearance.

Retipping – Over time the claws holding your diamonds and gemstones securely onto your jewellery become worn flat, often breaking away. Retipping claws replaces the lost material to keep your stones safe from loss.

Solders – Soldering is used to repair broken chain, cracks from fatigue in the metal, closing jump rings and joining rings together.

Restringing – Pearl and bead restringing available knotted or unknotted.

Stone Replacement/Resetting – We can match many different gems to replace those that have been broken or lost from existing jewellery then securely set them back. Stone setting is a specialist skill separate from goldsmithing.

Stone Repolishing – Over time stones can become scratched and dull.  An expert stone polisher (Lapidary) can polish out these superficial scratches restoring their natural beauty. Chipped stones can be recut and restored to perfect condition.

Restoration – Antique jewellery over time may require complete restoration. We can restore your treasured jewellery back to heirloom quality.